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Launched in Summer of 2002 by Creative Producer & CEO B.L. Jurgens and his Equity Partners at Emerald Venture Group. LEGION is a production company that focuses on storytelling which is backed-up by stunning visual content. We have sensational directors, writers, producers and artists, that work in confidence, hand-in-hand with Legion’s team to achieve outstanding results in feature film, and in television production. We helm projects from idea all the way to delivery. Thanks to our partnership with premiere talent we continue to grow our reputation within the entertainment industry.

Legion is always thinking ahead. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the global zeitgeist, Legion uses a combination of story analysis and visual development to bring ideas from our talent’s mind to screens everywhere.

We avoid this bear-trap by never talking down to our audence. It's hi-time to give them the benefit of dought, they're not stupid. This includes chilren's shows most of all.

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  • B.L. Jurgens

    Chief Executive Officer - Producer
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  • Kino Scialabba

    Creative Director - Founder
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  • Sasha 'Alex' Dąbrowska

    Executive Assistant - Warsaw
  • Sarah Anna Joans

    Executive Office Manager - London
  • Michael K. Snyder

    Associate Producers - Story Editor - LA
    michael(at)legion-entertainment.com t +1. 310. 929. 7530

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